Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website for Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Oak Lawn.  I'm Rev. Nancy Goede, the pastor at Mt. Zion.  Here you can find:

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                                                        Opportunities in worship and Christian education

                                                         What you can expect if you seek counseling here

                                                         What we mean when we say "Lutheran"

A relationship with God made known in Jesus Christ is something we need no matter where we are in our lives.  No matter where you're at with that relationship, whether it feels close and vital to you, or you haven't thought about God in a long time, I hope that you'll consider nurturing that relationship with the worshiping community at Mt. Zion.  We are a small community with a big age range, knowledgeable about our tradition, but also open to new ways of worshiping and learning.  If you are looking for a place in which your presence will make a real difference, than Mt. Zion could be a good place for you.

I've found that I especially like working with people who have serious doubts about faith and about the church.  Jesus encountered lots of people with doubts and fears and questions, some of them very hostile.  He never told people it was wrong to question, even when he urged them to have faith and believe in the power of God.  Powerful faith can grow out of serious doubt.  If you have questions and concerns that you'd like addressed before you visit, you can contact me by email, call me, or drop by the church office.   

I look forward to meeting you, and wish you peace,

Pastor Nancy Goede

Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
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